Welcome to Hale Refrigeration.

While our appearance may look different, don’t worry. We’re still the same company we’ve always been. We’ve merely refocused our communication to better align with our purpose.

Commercial Refrigeration

We provide a comprehensive service offering within healthcare, corporate, and industrial environments. Services range from general maintenance to passing compliance checks with the Joint Commission.

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Commercial HVAC

We provide a comprehensive service offering within corporate and industrial environments. Services range from performing complex ducting projects to helping customers comply with LEED requirements.

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Our primary focus is servicing commercial equipment at commercial locations.

Unfortunately at this time we no longer offer residential service.

Our Value

Our goal is to deliver a seamless customer experience. We do this by positioning ourselves as an adaptable business partner that is understanding of, and responsive to, the needs of our customers. It’s this very mindset that has allowed us to maintain longstanding relationships with a diverse range of businesses.